Monday, March 29, 2010

my happy family!!!

Hello everybody!!! Now, I want story to all of you about my family. Family is so important to me. I happy and proud because got a family like them. We are the happy family and whatever problem we face together. When I feel down, they will do their best to make me happy and focus again in whatever I do especially for my study. I have 4 siblings. All of them are the girl and I’m the last one. I can introduce for all of you about my parents and my siblings one by one.

Mom and dad

They are my beloved and my first support. As a common human, I cannot run from do faults. Sometimes, I make them worried and sad when I do a bad behaviour. They protect me too much and care about whatever I do. They don’t want me be a so social. My father cannot work hard because he is not feeling very well.


From left, she is an eldest sister. She was married with her husband on 22 November 2008 and now she is pregnant for the first baby. She and all of us were happy when we know her pregnant is positive since we are waiting for a long time. She is friendly with all person, because of that she was many friends and all of them like to communicate with her. When we are gathering together many story will she story to us. And all of us like to hear it though sometimes it’s boring. Without her, our house will be silent since her mouth is so noise. She like to crying when fight with me. I don’t know why. May be she feel afraid with me. Hehehe....


Secondly, she is still single. She tried to find a good man to be a husband. Her age now is 24 years old. She works at Bangi, Pharmaniaga Company for 2 years. She said she feel happy works at that place because all of workers are kind and make her comfortable to work and communicate with them. She is quiet anger especially with me since I quiet noty and lazy to do homework. But I don’t care about that. She likes to laugh and look so funny. We will happy when we are beside her. Between her and my eldest sister, she look more matured because she is a responsible person.


And the last one, I call her ‘kaklang’. Now she is practical at the same place, Pharmaniaga Company. She is still young but for the next semester, she will continue her study with master. She is excellent student in her faculty and got award for every semester. I try to be like her but until now I can’t. Between us, she is the most beautiful. Her beauty is natural and no need to over make-up to make other person attract with her. She closes with my father and always spends more time with him when got a holiday. She easy to angry when what she want, she can’t got it and cannot look other person success more than her.

Lastly, I want to say that I love them so much. And I hope, I will go first then them because I not able to loss them. That’s all!!!